Paul Outlaw
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Under Glass

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Under Glass

“Blast Phemy #4” series (Newtown/LA FilmForum/Cinefamily) presented at The Silent Movie Theater, Los Angeles, CA
May 12, 2010

Sound by Carl Stone
Live media installation by Carole Kim
With special guest Paul Outlaw

“This piece furthers my interest in the reflective and porous qualities of a translucent membrane as investigated in my previous work on the theme of Narcissus. In shooting, I wanted to present Paul Outlaw with situations that were experiential, durational and unrehearsed—more about doing than acting. Playing with the Renaissance practice of drawing on a glass pane to represent perspectival space, Paul instead draws the outlines of his own reflection.” (Carole Kim)

"Outlaw on the vivid color video screen was a compelling, dominating presence, while he became a more mystical one when Kim toyed with his video on her larger background." 
- Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times full review

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