Paul Outlaw
Glass Bang poster.png

The Glass Bang

Photo: Matt Volla

The Glass Bang

Originally presented as THE FLORIDA ROOM by Cannonball, Miami, FL
April 2013

Presented first at the MAK Center for Art & Architecture’s R.M. Schindler house in THE MACHINE PROJECT’S FIELD GUIDE TO L.A. ARCHITECTURE, a part of the Getty’s initiative Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in Los Angeles; and in San Francisco by Southern Exposure
June 2013

Written and directed by Asher Hartman
Assistant directed by Zut Alors

With Franc Baliton, Rochelle Fabb, Michael Morrissey, Paul Outlaw and Joe Seely; Lauren Baba (violin), Jake Rosenzweig (bass), Jasmine Orpilla (percussion)
Musical direction by Jasmine Orpilla

Costume consultation by Marcus Kuiland-Nazario
Graphic design by Haruko Tanaka

Gavin Rose (Outlaw) comes home from a long journey to find his house-sitters Evan and Byron have taken his furniture, redecorated, and are living with a barfly, Brian, in his now unrecognizable home. They throw a party for Gavin’s return, inviting his ex-wife, Cheyenne, and twenty strangers (the audience). During the course of the party, Bryon slowly becomes a bird-god, altering the course of the evening from cocktails to an interweaving of subtexts around money, class, possession and murder.