Paul Outlaw
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LAX Festival 2018: I’m Very Into You

Photo by Gema Galiana

I’m Very Into You

Los Angeles Exchange (LAX) Festival @ Think Tank Gallery
October 2018

By Kathy Acker and McKenzie Wark
Adapted and directed by Sara Lyons

With Yves Agustin Armando, Provvidenza Catalano, Jer Adrianne Lelliott, Jennifer Jonassen, Paul Outlaw, Robin Podolsky, Elspeth Weingarten and Gina Young

Media design by Adam J. Thompson
Sound design by Aaron Landgraf

Sex, Power, Portishead, Send: I'm Very Into You invokes late great feminist author Kathy Acker and Australian media theorist McKenzie (Ken) Wark in a stage adaptation of their 1995 e-mail correspondence following a steamy love affair. Their queer desire hovers in the air between San Francisco and Sydney at the dawn of the digital age.

I'm Very Into You uses social engagement, multimedia, and a stripped-down design to place Kathy and Ken's rich digital epistolary in conversation with our contemporary lives. In various cities, director Sara Lyons invites a diverse cast of local queer, feminist, and non-binary performers who embody Kathy and Ken as points across a wide gender spectrum, and respond with their own true personal stories of gender slippage, online intimacy, and queer desire. This living archive grows with every performance as I'm Very Into You conjures the legacy of Kathy Acker and examines how intimacy has evolved through the internet and expanding queer expression over the last two decades.