Paul Outlaw
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Photo: Ray Busmann

Curriculum vitae


BFA in Acting, New York University Tisch School of the Arts



The Dope Elf – site-specific theater work written by Asher Hartman created in collaboration with the cast (featuring PO in multiple roles). Gawdafful National Theater at TBA (Time-Based Art) Festival/Yale Union, Portland, OR. 

BBC (Big Black Cockroach) – solo play (workshop production) directed by Sara Lyons. NOW (New Original Works) Festival at Roy & Edna Disney CalArts Theater (REDCAT), Los Angeles, CA. 

On the Other Side – devised theater work in collaboration with Marike Splint (director). Two-week residency at Automata Los Angeles, February 2019; one-week residency at Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA.


I’m Very Into You – devised theater in collaboration with Sara Lyons (director). Los Angeles Exchange Festival at Think Tank Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

Who’s Hysterical Now? – a gender-flipped live-read of selections from the Ford/Kavanaugh testimonies conceived and adapted by Tina Poppy, with Paul Outlaw (PO) as Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Mrs. Ashley Kavanaugh. Bootleg Theater and Blank Theatre, Los Angeles, CA.

Shine – site-specific solo performance as part of Metro Art Presents’ “Changes,” curated by Stephen van Dyck. Union Station, Los Angeles, CA.

“Becoming Angeleno,” written and performed by PO as part of PROUD Stories, a celebration of the LGBTQ experience in OUR L.A. VOICES Spring Arts Fest. Grand Park, Los Angeles, CA.

 A Streetcar Named Desire – play by Tennessee Williams directed by Michael Michetti, with PO as Featured Singer/Man/Doctor. Boston Court Pasadena (CA).

“Encounters #43 & #44” – durational improvised group performances presented as part of “Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA” at Human Resources (#43) and Los Angeles State Historic Park (#44).


BIRTHDAY SUITe – solo performance written and performed by PO. Electric Lodge, Venice, CA.

The Distance Is Beautiful – site-specific theater work created by Lola Gonzàlez (text), Oguri (choreography) and Paul Chavez (music) created in collaboration with the cast (with PO as Featured Singer). FLAX Foundation at Grand Park/Metro Red Line/surface streets, Los Angeles, CA.

Sorry, Atlantis: Eden’s Achin’ Organ Seeks Revenge – site-specific theater work written by Asher Hartman created in collaboration with the cast (featuring PO as Po). Gawdafful National Theater at Machine Project, Los Angeles, CA.

Various performances with clipping. (Daveed Diggs, Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson) in support of Splendor & Misery (q.v.), including The Broad (Los Angeles), Brick & Mortar Music Hall (San Francisco) and Starline Social Club (Oakland).


Splendor & Misery – studio album by clipping., guest vocals by PO. (Music video: “True Believer.”) Sub Pop Records/Deathbomb Arc.

The Silver, the Black, the Wicked Dance – site-specific theater work written by Asher Hartman created in collaboration with the cast (featuring PO as “The Forced Entertainer“). Gawdafful National Theater at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) 

Red Velvet – play by Lolita Chakrabarti directed by Benjamin Pohlmeier, with PO as Ira Aldridge. The Junction Theatre Co. at the Atwater Playhouse, Los Angeles, CA 


Compassio\N, mixed media performance created by Diana Wyenn and collaborating artists, including PO, as part of VisionLA Fest (Climate Action Arts Festival), Culver City, CA.


Fallen Blossoms – feature film directed by Lior Shamritz (featuring PO as the Dying Queen in the Los Angeles section “The Gentrification and Killing of Lucinda“).


The Late, Late Show – three-act experimental play with music written and performed by PO with ensemble (directed by Asher Hartman). Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, CA.

The Florida Room/Glass Bang – site-specific theater work written and directed by Asher Hartman (featuring PO as Gavin Rose). Gawdafful National Theater/Machine Project/The Getty (“Pacific Standard Time: Modern Architecture in L.A.”) at Fitzpatrick-Leland House, Los Angeles, CA; Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA; Cannonball, Miami, FL.

The House is Open, opera by Alexander Vassos presented by The Industry as part of First Take (new works showcase), featuring PO as Doctor. Billy Wilder Theater at the Hammer Museum, Westwood, CA.

Opportunity for Diversion: A Script for Two Players – site-specific performance by PO (performer) and Asher Hartman (writer). Presented as part of “Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide” at “Die Lustige Grube” by Infernoesque, Berlin, Germany.


The Late, Late Show – solo play (work-in-progress) - Act III: “Porphyria's Descent” (directed by Asher Hartman). Grand Performances, Los Angeles, CA. 

El Espiritu del Barrio Chino – photo essay/collaboration with Michael Sakamoto, in the group exhibition “(De)Constructing Chinatown.” Chinese-American Museum, Los Angeles, CA.

Language of the Land – series presented by Native Strategies featuring an open rehearsal of new theatrical work directed by Asher Hartman and featuring PO. LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions), Los Angeles, CA.

City of Los Angeles (C.O.L.A.) Individual Artist Fellowships Exhibition – group show featuring complete video documentation of “Porphyria's Descent.” Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.


Layla Means Night – dance theater by Rosanna Gamson/World Wide (with PO as Featured Singer and Narrator). Roy & Edna Disney CalArts Theater (REDCAT), Los Angeles, CA.

´Bout to Get On – interactive site-specific performance installation created in collaboration with VISCERA (Anna B. Scott and associated artists). LAX FlyAway Bus Terminal, Van Nuys, CA.

What Did I Do to Be So Black and... – solo performance created in collaboration with Curt Lemieux and Joe Seely. LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) and Highways Performance Space and Gallery, Santa Monica, CA. 

In One Ear – spoken word collaboration with Carole Kim. ARTTalk Festival (Boston Court Performing Arts Center), Pasadena, CA. 

Mass Transit – dance theater performance created in collaboration with Jaime Jeppe Benson and Andrae Gonzalo. Bootleg Theater Dance Festival, Los Angeles, CA.


The Late, Late Show – solo play (work-in-progress) - Act I: “Porphyrion's Revenge,” (directed by Patrick Kennelly) and excerpts of Act II: “Porphyrion in Love.” Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA. 

Annie Okay – site-specific performance theater work written and directed by Asher Hartman (featuring PO as Louis Leonowens). Machine Project A.I.R. at the Hammer Museum, Westwood, CA.

Under Glass – collaboration between video artist Carole Kim, composer Carl Stone and PO. Blast Phemy! series (presented by LA Film Forum/NewTown/Cinefamily) at the Silent Movie Theater, Los Angeles, CA, and (as crisscrossing) at the Kellogg Gallery, Pomona, CA. 

Tov – dance theater by Rosanna Gamson/World Wide (featuring PO). REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA.


Vestiges of Creation – ensemble performance created in collaboration with Michael Sakamoto. UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures. 

(dubzeck) – “performance mixtape” inspired by Woyzeck, staged by Patrick Kennelly (featuring PO as William Randolph Hearst and Donald “Cinque Mtume” DeFreeze). Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA.


We Pedal Uphill – feature film directed by Roland Tec (featuring PO as Whitman). 

2002 - 2008

Berserker – solo performance directed by Tanya Kane-Parry. Various venues, including Theater! Theatre!, Portland, OR; the New York International Fringe Festival, New York, NY; the San Francisco Fringe Festival, San Francisco, CA; Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA; Blacktino Queer Performance Festival, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.


Project Alice – Fabulous Monsters’ adaptation of the Lewis Carroll classic directed by Robert Prior, with PO as the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts. Renberg Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, and the Madrid Theatre, Canoga Park, CA.

Rita Goes to Hell – dance theater by Rosanna Gamson/World Wide, with PO as Hades. Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA.

1999 - 2002

Lovesickness: Freud, Blood and Moving Pictures – dance theater by Rosanna Gamson/World Wide, with PO as Sigmund Freud. Highways Performance Space; Luckman Theater, Los Angeles, CA; as part of the Freud exhibition at the Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles; Colorado Dance Festival, Boulder, CO; Sushi Performance & Visual Arts, San Diego, CA. 


Dirt – play by Abe Rybeck directed by Roland Tec, with PO as Michael Govern. Theater Offensive at the Boston Center for the Arts. 

All the Rage – feature film directed by Roland Tec, featuring PO as David; soundtrack song “Boy Crazy” written, produced and performed by PO; presented at festivals including Outfest, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. 

1994 - 1998

Here Be Dragons – solo performance directed by Leigh Strimbeck. Various venues including Prufrock’s, Scranton, PA; Fisher Theater, Exeter, NH; Out on the Edge Festival, Boston, MA; Friends of Italian Opera, Berlin, Germany; Raven Theatrical, Boston, MA.


Schwarzfahrer (Black Rider) – short film directed by Pepe Danquart featuring PO in the title role; soundtrack song “Keep All the Sunshine (Locked Up)” written, produced and performed by Snow Blind Twilight Ferries; Academy Award, Best Live Action Short.

1990 - 1993

Lead singer of the Berlin bands Fortified Static, Snow Blind Twilight Ferries and General Motor, various recordings and performances in Berlin, including at Loft, Tacheles and Quasimodo.




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Foundation for Contemporary Art (FCA) Emergency Grant for BBC (Big Black Cockroach) at REDCAT’s NOW Festival


City of Los Angeles (COLA) Individual Artist Fellowship

Los Angeles Artists Fellowship Laboratory (LAAFL)


Center for Cultural Innovation Artists' Resource for Completion Grant for What Did I Do to Be So Black and... at LACE


Durfee Foundation Artists’ Resource for Completion Grant for Berserker at the Blacktino Queer Performance Festival


Best Male Dramatic Solo/Best of Fringe Award for Berserker, San Francisco Fringe Festival




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