Paul Outlaw


Photo: Patrick Kennelly


Highways Performance Space and Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
August 2009

Written and directed by Patrick Kennelly
Co-direction and choreography by Kate Fox

With Gregory Barnett, Gia Battista, Marissa Casados, Radick Cembrzynski, Sonia Oleniak, Eliezer Ortiz, Jonathan Osborn, Paul Outlaw and Justin Streichman

Sound: Aaron Drake
Lighting: Matt Mellinger
Video: Patrick Kennelly + Matt Mellinger
Costumes: Andrae Gonzalo

Set in a post-future America where everyone speaks in a language only they can understand + are forced to communicate via the refuse of the past, a troupe of performers enact games of control and submission, re-mixing the 1974 kidnapping and brainwashing of heiress Patty Hearst by the Symbionese Liberation Army with Büchner’s 19th century expressionist classic Woyzeck. Performed in English, Spanish, French, German and Polish.