Paul Outlaw

The Late, Late Show

The Late, Late Show

Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, CA
October 31, 2013

Conceived and written by Paul Outlaw

With Derek Chariton, Owen Clapp (bass), David Crittendon (piano), Ian Harrower (drums), Casey James Holmberg and Paul Outlaw

Staging by Asher Hartman
Choreography by Jessica Emmanuel

Scenic and lighting design by François-Pierre Couture
Set Decoration by Joe Seely (Acts I and III)
Coffin prop by Don Snodgrass
Costume design by Angi Bell Ursetta (Act I) and Brian Getnick (Act II)
Act III costuming by Victorian Emporium, Lauren Nakagawa and Ray Busmann

Musical score, sequencing and keyboard programming by Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson
Original songs by Paul Outlaw and Snow Blind Twilight Ferries
Sound by Circular Rhythm Productions (Austin Quan, Nick Tong)
Vocal coaching by Jasmine Orpilla

Original artwork by Jeremy Arambulo
Program design by Ray Busmann

Production Stage Manager: Meirav Rotstein
Assistant Stage Manager: Nina Bowers

Produced by OutlawPlay and Bootleg Theater

This experimental promenade play with music follows a vampire’s journey from slave to abolitionist to diva, each of its three acts performed in a different location inside and outside the venue. More than the usual solo performance, The Late, Late Show showcases the work of three generations of Los Angeles-based theater artists, visual artists and musicians.

“A fantasia spanning three acts and three vastly different time periods in the life of 300-year-old former slave Porphyrion, the piece is a playground for visual exploration.”
- Mayank Keshaviah, LA Weekly

“Paul Outlaw’s The Late, Late Show is constructed in three unique segments, each part featuring aspects of the performer’s prodigious talents. We were amazed and illuminated by the virtuosity on display: whether as a singer, a dramatic player, or outrageous performance artist, Mr. Outlaw is in full command. At once a cri du coeur and tour de force, The Late, Late Show is not be missed!”
- Mark Thompson (Advocate Days and Other Stories) and Malcolm Boyd (Gay Priest: An Inner Journey)

David Jette on The Late, Late Show


The Late, Late Show was developed over several years in a series of workshop productions (directed by Patrick Kennelly) and work-in-progress showings at Highways Performance Space and Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, and as part of the COLA Individual Artist Fellowship Showcases at Grand Performances and Plaza de la Raza in Los Angeles, CA (directed by Asher Hartman):