Paul Outlaw



Encounter 43 and 44

Human Resources LA and Los Angeles State Historic Park
January 2018

Performers: John Burtle, Mariel Carranza, Rochelle Fabb, Douglas Green, Rebeca Hernandez, Benjamin Jarrett, Marcus Kuiland-Nazario, Carol McDowell, Lala Nomada, Paul Outlaw, Graciela Ovejero Postigo, Crystal Sepúlveda, Rossen Ventzislavov and Allison Wyper

Since July 2012, a group of Los Angeles performance artists (and international guests passing through town) have met regularly to engage in a practice called Encounter, organized by Peruvian American Mariel Carranza. Encounter is a space where we encounter each other, ourselves and the space itself. We perform with and for one another within given conditions. There is no preparation, no agenda (and generally, no “audience”). Things unfold on their own. We agree that there will be no idle observers; everyone is active in the space. Encounters are durational, improvised, action/time/space-based performances inhabiting private studios, art venues, and public spaces across Los Angeles.

For The Pacific Standard Time Festival: Live Art LA/LA, an initiative of the Getty, organized by REDCAT and supported by a major grant from the Getty Foundation, local interdisciplinary artists were joined by guests from Latin America and Europe for two durational performances: one indoors and one outdoors. Audiences were invited to come and go as they wished.